At Tampa Environmental Solution, we have a team of skilled specialists extensively trained and well-equipped to handle any landscaping task, including sod installation, sod removal, palm tree removal, landscape designing, and more. We are dedicated to offering you unrivaled landscaping services, making a significant impact on your property.

Our team of arborists realizes the importance of landscape installation and takes all the necessary safety precautionary measures to execute the task safely and effectively. With years of comprehensive experience, we take pride in delivering every project, no matter how challenging it seems.

Contact us at Tampa Environmental Solutions right away if you’re looking for a dependable, experienced landscape service provider.

Our services include but are not limited to,

  • Sod Removal & Installation
  • Resod
  • Irrigating Residential Sprinkler Heads
  • Landscape Designing
  • Tree Removal
  • Palm Tree Removal
  • Shallow Well Pump Maintenance
  • Drainage

Landscaping Installation & Maintenance

At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we offer sustainable landscape installation services to enrich and treat your property.

When it comes to residential landscape design and installation, the first step is to choose the best landscape design firm for the project. Experts at Tampa Environmental Solutions will attentively listen to your ideas and offer the suggestions required for your landscaping design. Our team of professionals will discuss the layouts, materials, and other design possibilities you have in mind, giving you a good idea of what the design will look like.

We revitalize and restore older landscapes and provide seasonal services.

Maintenance is one of the most crucial aspects of any landscape. Tampa Environmental Solutions has a professional, highly educated crew who work hard to maintain your environment’s natural beauty through excellent maintenance and skilled care. We offer a full spectrum of landscape maintenance services at Tampa Environmental Solutions, from one-time visits to season-long.

Sod Removal & Installation

Tampa Environmental Services is known for its expertise in effectively removing and installing sods.

You can have healthy trees and bushes, as well as lovely flowers, but without lush green grass to cover the ground, everything would seem incomplete. You must also ensure that the grass is healthy and fresh. Any yellowing or weed growth is a sign that it’s time to replace it. Our residential sod installation services include sod remover, sod installation, resod lawns, and more.

We are committed to offering comprehensive sod installation and sod removal services at cost-effective rates. Choose sod installation, sod remover, and replacement services by Tampa Environmental Solutions to keep your landscape looking good and healthy.


Your lawn is one of the first things visitors see when they arrive at your house. Beautiful green grass is a lovely addition to any property. At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we resod lawns to give them a luxury outlook. We resod lawns and barren sections across your yard or refurbish the complete area, depending on your requirements.

At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we utilize the correct sod, resulting in a practical and appealing outdoor environment. We will not only assist you in deciding which type of sod is ideal for you, but we will also resod the lawn correctly, ensuring a lovely outdoor environment for years to come.

Irrigation Residential Sprinkler Heads

Not only would a faulty or leaking sprinkler system ruin your property, but it will also raise your water bill. Your grass and garden require enough watering, but a damaged sprinkler head or broken water line can restrict the quantity of water supplied to other areas of your yard, causing an overflow.

At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we address all the issues of your lawn sprinkler heads and offer smart sprinkler heads that improve your irrigation system. We identify the problem and restore complete functionality to your irrigation system controller. Our professionals have years of knowledge and can precisely trace any issues back to their source to give you the most effective irrigation installation and irrigation repair solutions.

Timer Box Repairing And Replacement

We utilize the most up-to-date technology to guarantee that your property isn’t wasting water. Although most irrigation system controllers are fully automated with smart sprinkler heads, they still need to be examined to ensure they perform at their best.

At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we repair and replace your timer box and ensure that your sprinkle timings are not compromised.

Broken Water Lines

Low water pressure and squishy, stinky areas in the yard are the sporadic signs of unforeseen happenings. They’re indicators that your sewer and water lines are in dire need of repair.

Sewer and water pipes are usually found deep under a property’s surface, making diagnosing problems early on difficult for homeowners. As a result, many homeowners who face unforeseen sewage and broken lines suffer major foundation, drywall, and landscape damage.

At Tampa Environmental Solutions, our broken water line services help you counter water leakage and corrosion problems and free your inner surface from any tree root interference or pest problem.

Shallow Well Pump Maintenance

At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we are dedicated to achieving your satisfaction throughout the shallow well pump repair procedure. We manage your demands with the skills that only experience can provide, from water treatment to well drilling and shallow well pump maintenance to purification systems and lawn sprinkler servicing; we cover it all.

Landscape Design

There’s nothing quite like seeing a beautifully designed landscape as you drive down the street. Residential landscape design by Tampa Environmental Solutions is an excellent approach to increasing your house’s value. We create a personalized modern landscape design for you, whether you have a tiny yard or a large, expansive yard.

Tree Removal Service (25ft Max)

Weakened branches or trunks might pose a severe threat to your landscape. After a tree reaches a certain height, we understand that most homeowners would prefer to have it removed rather than maintain it. At Tampa Environmental Solutions, our team members are highly trained and utilize only the best equipment and latest tools during the tree removal process, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of your landscape.

Palm Tree Removal

Palm trees are perennial. They are low-maintenance and present throughout the year. However, this does not negate the fact that they require assistance. There is no set period for palm tree pruning and shaving, but if you find the fronds have faded and dried, engage a palm tree care service since dead fronds weigh down and damage the tree. It’s also a good idea to get your trees ready for storm season.

If you’re looking for a dependable palm tree removal, shaving, or trimming service, look no further. At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we offer exceptional palm tree removal services. We’ve been giving outstanding service to our customers, assisting them in achieving a serene landscape view. We have highly qualified tree arborists and innovative tools to carry out our palm tree removal operation as efficiently as possible.


Drainage is more than a necessary evil; it significantly impacts water management. Drainage systems are made out of underground pipes that divert water away from your landscape and into a location that will not cause any damage. At Tampa Environmental Solutions, we construct a new drainage system or repair an existing one damaged.

Our drainage system offers various benefits to your landscape including,

  • Prevention from soil erosion.
  • Prevention from standing water.
  • Avoids water damage.
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